First Responders

Center First Responders



First Responders are needed!  If you have an interest in becoming a First Responder, please contact Gary Timm at 841-6177.


Center First Responders reported to 72 calls in 2017.  Nineteen were for accidents and 51 were for medical calls for town residents.  Accidents saw a big increase in numbers this year.  Please drive carefully!  State Road 47 and County Road A see a lot of accidents.  Please stop completely at stop signs as a lot of them are running through stop signs.


The first responders just finished refresher training which is done every 2 years.


Current members of the First Responders are:  Jesse Ashauer, Lana Burchill, Ryan Gengler, Matt Harrison, Stacy Hofacker, Andrey Krisher, Liz Kurey, Lori Pynenberg, Keith Romenesko, Tom Schupp and Gary Timm. 


I also would like to thank those First Responders who for one reason or another decided to leave the First Responders.  They are Cindy Filz, Kevin Pullen, Sandra Fisher & Sue Vandenberg.


Respectfully submitted,

Gary Timm, President